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Mailserver backup is a mail server that functioned as a container for the email if the primary mail server is down, and if the primary mailserver is up again, then the email is stored before being sent back to the main mailserver periodically. Zimbra is a complete mail server applications, but can be configured as the primary mail server can also be configured as a backup mail server (MX2).

In implementing the mail server backups can be summarized as follows:

  1. Mail server backup can not be used to be the main mailserver, because only accommodate a backup mailserver email semetara time, so that the incoming email does not bounce or return to sender
  2. For the mail server configuration backup only be set to forward a domain function
  3. On the mail server backups are not required to manufacture the email account of the user
  4. Email being stored on the mail server backups automatically forwarded to the main mail server periodically
  5. Mail servers can serve as a backup, if the mail server is conditioned as MX2 or greater value of MX1
Examples of data to make a backup mailserver :

  •  Domain :
  • Mail Exchange (MX) 1 :
  • Mail Exchange (MX) 2 :
MX1 and MX2 for configuration lies in the domain record in dns server, so if the dns server is managed by your own please add MX2 record that leads to a host of servers that serve as a backup mail server and give a greater priority than the MX1. If the domain record held by the isp dns servers, please ask the MX2 record additions to your isp.

Here is a sample configuration to make zimbra as mail server backups :

  1. Install zimbra mail server with domain (please adjust to your domain), for example zimbra installation on Centos 6, please read here
  2. If zimbra already finished installed, please go to zimbra and settings for the domain forward 
su - zimbra
zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress
zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress
zmprov md zimbraMailTransport
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Title: Backup Mail Server With Zimbra On Centos 6
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