Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Of the few cases of hacking wordpress based website that I read on the internet, most of the hackers edit the index.php page and the password of the admin user (wp-admin). If you can not log in wp-admin means that the username or password have been edited and to restore it to normal should be through Cpanel. To change your username or password wordpress through CPanel, please log in to Cpanel and go to the menu and select phpMyAdmin database.

Here are the results of changes chapture I do to change the username and password in Cpanel.

Next on the menu please select phpMyAdmin database used for wordpress :

If the database is already selected, then select the table to be altered, namely wp_users :

In wp_user please select the edit :

And please edit the username and password in the following order:

So my experience in wordpress based websites restore, since that changed only the index.php page only, then restore the website not too long, but if the database is already in the drop by the hacking, it will automatically be made a new website again.
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Title: Normalize the affected website hacking
Written by achmad saifudin
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